With a fortified edge in personal style, Weezy’s Playhouse’s mission is simple:

To create a society of praised rebellious leaders.

If you’re over trying to find the adorable way of stating your opinion, retractions, and politically correct defenses – we’ve gotcha covered.

Inspired by killer vintage style, rock n’ roll, and believing in the beauty of self love, confidence and ATTITUDE. 

Weezy’s Playhouse is for women who’ve got the confidence to stay true to themselves, courage to standup to naysayers’ and believe every day’s #1 priority is to enjoy life and look good while doing it! #playwithus 

Founder and creative director, Irene Marie aka Weez, can be found gallivanting across the nation, with her best friend, Cassandra, shooting for artists, painters, musicians, and always finding time to zip through museums or flea markets while making friends with all walks of life –always with a drink or blunt in hand and a sick #WeezyBabe outfit on.

Navigate through the site and unleash your inner creative monster. 

Explore our shoots and join the beautiful chaos.