Accessories: Why do we tend to freak out over them??

If you're like me, when I walk into accessory boutiques, such as Charming Charlie's or Claire's, I have an internal brain meltdown and ultimately explode from accessory overloadddd. 
Then the questions start piling in....
- What do I need?
- What is my style?
- Which styles look best on me?
- Who am I?
- What do I want for lunch?
- Are aliens real?
andddd then you fail miserably and end up at Coldstone sucking down a 'gotta have it' cookies in cream in the parking lot and hang your head in shame. 
Accessories: 1 
Weezy : 0 

Ladies - When it comes to accessories here are some simple key rules to follow that have helped my ADHD brain from exploding!!

1. Go stalk yourself.
Yes, go to your IG check out your #OOTD posts and investigate yourself..
Do you wear certain necklines often? High or low?

This will help you determine proper necklace sizing.

What is your common color scheme? Lots of denim? Black??

This will help you decide color themes and decide what will compliment best with your wardrobe.

Don't force anything, I repeat DO NOT FORCE ANYTHING.

If you’ve done your homework but see a super cute black necklace but then realize all you wear is black...would this really be a good decision?

No, that ish will get lost in your look and you’re better off going back to Coldstone at this point. ((do they have free refills? Asking for a friend.))

Lastly, was there something you felt didn't work for you in the past

((overalls aren't for everyone...personal fail))...make a note of it!!!!

Research yourself like you would your ex's new shitty girlfriend. 


2. NEXT --> Decide your upcoming #OOTD...pre-plan!!! Visualizing is EVERYTHING!

Do you want to shop for themes? Valentines is coming up!? Heart emoji earrings are real thing and actually adorable…
Spring is around the corner...floral accessories!? Groundbreaking. Hah, but pastels come into play!!! Time to mix it up!! Ask yoself’ is that even yo thang!?!

Ultimately - Have a plan! Having a plan will help you shop smarter.

What do you want to portray with your outfit?
How can your accessory add that final touch?!
Do you need to find inspo? go to thaaa gram.

3. Lastly, go check your own stuff out. Do you have your accessories organized? Does your organization unit allow you to you see all of your items?

Or do your asshole cats continue to steal anything shiny you own and you gotta go hunt for them?? ((check under the bed IMO))

Once you've found your items....Decide:
Do you have tons of statement necklaces? Or none at all?!

Do you want to start layering necklaces? Does that style look good on me? #play
Running low on bracelets? Are you tired of your rings? 

See what you have, decide what you NEED and make a LIST.
Go to your goddamn iphone, notes app, WRITE IT DOWN. 
Include metal types, color, and create content with PURPOSE.

Hope these tips helped you and remember at the end of the day…
What you put into your look is what you get out of it!!!


And YOU deserve to look like the flawless, fearless, and sexy a$$ bitch you are.

Take the time, make a plan and remember yousa accessory bawse now.



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  • Amazing tips to enchance anyones style ?✨

    • Edwin